"Touching a heart, mind, and life one at a time, year after year, to produce the nation's best."

Mrs. Tiffany Rachal--Lead Counselor, Student Last Names A-L
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Bachelor's Degree- Bachelor of Arts in English Literature - University of Houston
Master's Degree-  Master of Education in Professional School Counseling - Lamar University

Mrs. Cummings--Counselor, Student Last Names M-Z
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Bachelor's Degree-University of Texas at El Paso

Master's Degree-Prairie View A&M University

Ms. Alex--Counselor--Special Populations
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Bachelor's Degree--Southwest Tx University

Master's Degree-Prairie View A&M University

Ms. Jade Vitela -- Counselor Paraprofessional
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Ms. Vina Jones-- Special Education Paraprofessional
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V. Jones

Ms. Eboney Mottley-- Registrar
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Vanacy-- ESL Clerk
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Strong self esteem and high personal expectations


To develop a welcoming atmosphere that promotes academic success and excellence so that every student can achieve full potential in their academic, creative, personal, physical, moral, and spiritual development.


We believe ALL students are unique and can learn.
We believe all students are valuable and should be treated with dignity and respect.
We believe the parent, student, and counselor partnership is empowering.
We believe as the professional school counselor we are instrumental in preparing students for post high school graduation.
We believe as the professional school counselors, we must provide developmental guidance lessons that foster positive student growth academically, socially, and emotionally.
We believe that as the professional school counselors, we must abide by the ethical guidelines and mandates of the Texas and American School Counselors Associations.


In order to promote a positive environment of excellence and student achievement, the Aldine Ninth Grade counselors will:

*establish a meaningful working relationship with all students, parents, and stakeholders,
*maintain accurate student records,
*guide students with selecting appropriate academic course selections,
*provide individual and/or group counseling for students,
*coordinate activities and events conducive to college and career readiness,
*disseminate information and provide open communication to students through classroom guidance and presentation.