Math Department

Math Department

Front Row L-R: Miranda Price, LaKeasia Hammond (Skills Specialist), Valeriana Rosita
Back Row L-R: Adam Apodaca, Samuel Ramirez, Jessica Flemming, Allen Shano

Vision: Educate and empower students to excel.

Mission: To provide the students with the necessary background to be able to analyze, interpret and solve problems in the world around them and help them become life-long learners.

Objectives: Provide the students with the fundamental mathematical skills to help prepare them for high school, college and beyond. This will include:

  • meeting the needs of all students,
  • presenting effective lessons to invoke thought, allow for exploration and challenge the students, and
  • collaborating as a department to ensure that our students become mastery learners.

Beliefs: As a Mathematics department, we believe:

  • All students can learn at or above grade level and will be given the opportunity to do so.
  • All students can meet the goals and objectives that we have set out for them.
  • All students should be active learners in their math classes and be valued for their input.
  • Parents are essential in the learning process and should be involved when possible.
  • Students will be held accountable for their learning.

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