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Lakeasia Hammond- Skills Specialist  

Olga Beiza Beiza Algebra I.pdf
Beiza Grad Prep Math.pdf 
Porsha Cooper  Cooper Algebra I.pdf
David Davis  Davis Algebra I.pdf
Davis Grad Prep Math.pdf
Jessica Flemming Flemming Algebra I.pdf 
Flemming Grad Prep Math.pdf
Ashley Hughley Hughley Algebra I.pdf 
Hughley Grad Prep Math.pdf
Myra Kerscher Kerscher Algebra I.pdf 
Miranda Robinson Robinson Algebra I.pdf 
Robinson Grad Prep Math.pdf
Valeriana Rosita Rosita Algebra I.pdf 
Rosita Grad Prep Math.pdf
Allen Shano Shano Algebra I.pdf 
Shano Geometry.pdf

Educate and empower students to excel.

Mission: To provide the students with the necessary background to be able to analyze, interpret and solve problems in the world around them and help them become life-long learners.

Objectives: Provide the students with the fundamental mathematical skills to help prepare them for high school, college and beyond. This will include:

  • meeting the needs of all students,
  • presenting effective lessons to invoke thought, allow for exploration and challenge the students, and
  • collaborating as a department to ensure that our students become mastery learners.

Beliefs: As a Mathematics department, we believe:

  • All students can learn at or above grade level and will be given the opportunity to do so.
  • All students can meet the goals and objectives that we have set out for them.
  • All students should be active learners in their math classes and be valued for their input.
  • Parents are essential in the learning process and should be involved when possible.
  • Students will be held accountable for their learning.

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