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Biology Department

Sitting L-R: Alicia Ridge, Ashley Cleaver (Skills Specialist), Kendall Bowen
Standing L-R: Jahoward Hutchins, Sheena Nichols, Iesha Sylvester, Glenn Cimera

 Biology Department
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Vision: To empower life-long learners to become effective members of society

Mission: To guide students to become analytical thinkers and problem solvers by equipping them with knowledge and skills utilizing research-based strategies, activities, and resources

Objectives: To promote student achievement using real world applications through:

  • thematic delivery of content
  • rigorous classroom activities
  • relevant laboratory investigations
  • cross-curricular alignment

Beliefs: In the Biology department, we believe that:

  • All students can learn.
  • All students can access the school’s FRAMEWORK FOR SUCCESS.
  • All teachers must collaborate to ensure students’ achievement.

Reach one, teach one!