CTE Department

CTE Department





Kaley  Ihle  [email protected]  
Lakyshia Jones - Chairperson
[email protected]


Frederic Navarre [email protected]
Helen Page
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Kevin Price [email protected]
Chad Reese
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Vision: To empower and inspire lifelong learners. 

Mission: We exist to provide an excellent education for all students to: develop higher-order thinking skills; work on authentic, meaningful, and challenging problems similar to tasks performed by various disciplines; integrate technology; and engage in smaller learning environments.

Objectives: The Aldine Ninth Grade CTE Department will:

  • Initiate and support thriving partnership with the home and community, which are immersed in the educational experience of the students.
  • Attain maximum student achievement through relevant and rigorous instructional programs.
  • Promote a program and activities with aggressive communication.

Beliefs: As a CTE Department, we believe:

  • Every student can perform at or above grade level and graduate from college.
  • Every student deserves to be valued and respected.
  • Educators have the greatest impact on student achievement.
  • Parents who are engaged in their child’s learning impact a student’s academics.