Employees of the Month

Employees of the Month

Our Distinguished Staff Members for the month 

Mr. McElroy

A Distinguished staff member for Aldine high school is a tremendous honor. The meaning of this award is someone who carries the traits of being a leader and dedicate to helping not only the students but staff. Mr. Eric Blume said it best when he stated, “If you are in this profession for the pay check, than you are in it for the wrong reasons”. I live by this code and think by going that extra mile for students and teachers, makes up a distinguished staff member

The camaraderie and support of the staff/English department would have to be the most enjoyable trait that Aldine has to offer. The individuals that work here are gracious and inspire me to do my job. From Hubbell, Mitchell, Reeves, Rolfes, Zapata, Zimmer, and my English Specialist Ms. Thomas, there is no other team member I would trade any of them for. They are the reason why I enjoy Aldine so much.

The students that leave this school should understand that Mr. McElroy gave his all and he was truly here for their well-being. I want students to understand, I will always be here to give advice and tips on any issues they may have.

Mrs. Cleaver

Being an educator in today’s society is both an honor and a challenge. As educators, we are responsible for guiding our students to become productive members of society from kindergarten through college. I feel honored and humbled to be chosen as a distinguished staff member. I’m honored to join such a remarkable group of educators. I’m humbled because there are so many outstanding, passionate, creative educators at Aldine Ninth who challenge, inspire, and support their students every day.

I love the team work! Those who persevere in the face of challenge are to be commended and respected. Despite the challenges we face as educators, I believe we can work together in a collaborative and cooperative way.

I want every student to know that I will use each student encounter as a 'teachable moment' to encourage, nurture, validate, and discipline. Whether I am in a classroom or working in a different capacity, I will have a hand in educating all student to become the best he or she can be. By forming strong relationships, I will elicit a high level of achievement from each student that I have the pleasure of working with.

Mrs. Ramirez

To gain the title of “distinguished staff member,” one must exhibit ardency towards their position. Having this title means that someone else has seen the passion that I have for my career. It is nice to know that I have joined the ranks of my colleagues who have previously earned this title.

The camaraderie that I have experienced amongst my colleagues is second to none. I really love the fact everyone has embraced my ideas and activities that further increase the morale.

I want students to know that hard work really does pay off, that the road less traveled is the road to be on, and nothing worth having is ever free or easy. I also want them to know that reading is a fundamental building block in life. Also, my favorite book is Bless me Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya.

Mr. Knepper