Student Dress Code

Aldine Ninth Grade School follows High School attire. 

·    Shirts must be collared, Polo or oxford (dress shirt) style.  Shirts can be any color, solid, plaid, or stripe.  Shirts must    be buttoned modestly, and absolutely no tank tops should be visible.  All tops must be long enough to cover the mid        riff completely under normal circumstances.  Shirts are required to be tucked in. Button up shirts must be buttoned.  Jackets and sweaters are not considered shirts. 

·    Pants, skirts, dresses, split skirts, and/or shorts must approach the knee, and allow one to walk, stoop, kneel and sit with modesty.  Pants and shorts must be worn securely, at the proper height, around the waist.  Slacks, shorts, pants with belt loops require a belt to be worn. 

·    Appropriate undergarments must be worn at all times.  Exposure of undergarments for both male and female stu- dents is unacceptable.  Sheer clothing must be worn with an opaque camisole or slip.

·    Flip flops, slides, stiletto heels, house slippers and shoes with cleats and/or skate shoes are not allowed.

·    No headwear (caps, hats, bandanas, hoods, scarfs, etc.) may be worn at anytime.

·    No oversized clothing or large belt buckles are allowed.

·   Cut, torn or ripped clothing is not allowed. 

·    Extreme hair styles which include hair that is dyed an unnatural color (ie.  Green, purple, orange, etc.) will not be permitted.

·    Jackets must either button or zip up the front.  Zippers and/or buttons must remain open during school time.  No pull-over hoodies, sweatshirts, or jackets are allowed.

·   Clothing, makeup, jewelry, patches, tattoos, or designs on clothing must not reflect or suggest in any manner drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, vulgar language, gang affiliation, violence, death, or satanic ideology.

·   Girls:  The only visible body piercing allowed are earrings for girls.

·   Boys:  Facial hair must be clean-shaven at all times.  Beards, goatees or mustaches will not be permitted.

Students must also comply with the following ALDINE ISD dress code rules.